We are happy to announce the date and venue for next year's TravelMatch. To meet the requirements for a highly professional and successful B2B event, we are returning to the original concept, holding the event on Thursday in the downtown area, also returning to the venue Oslo Congress Center, used last time for TravelMatch 2015.

More information will follow shortly.

TravelMatch 2017 took place in Telenor Arena on January 13th. Please see some photos below.

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The following buyers at TravelMatch became the lucky winners of the grand prizes:
- Anita Sletbak, Fred Olsen Travel won tickets with Nordica to Estonia.
- Jens Hærra, First Travel won tickets with Sun Air to Denmark + hotel stay at Scandic Hotel.
- Tor Arne Kyrkjeeide, Egencia won tickets with BMI Regional to Aberdeen + hotel stay at Skene Hotel.
- Venche Olsson, JTB Norway won tickets with Lufthansa to any destination in Europa.
- Trude Fiksdal, Travelnet Reisevarehuset won tickets with Qatar Airways to any destination worldwide.
- Kjell Håvard Vangen, Turoperatøren Hit & Dit won tickets with Turkish Airlines to any destination worldwide on business class.

Our sponsors 2017:

TravelMatch is a professional B2B workshop organized for the 6th time in 2017, owned jointly by ANTOR, Discover America, PATA and Virke (the travel agents association). Travelmatch is a meeting point for Norwegian and international travel businesses, with opportunities to exchange information and enter into commercial agreements for outbound travel from Norway.

Travel Match 2017 a success!

This year's B2B workshop Travel Match, can be considered a great success, based on observations and comments from participants, claims manager Arne Sundt-Bjerck.
More than 300 participants both buyers and sellers participated in the recent general B2B event at Telenor Arena. This makes Travel Match to by far the largest event of its kind focusing on outbound traffic.

A record number of about 140 participants took part this year including a large range of national and regional tourist offices, international airlines, incoming agents, hotels and hotel chainsplaces were filled up quickly and there were many on the waiting list who could not be accommodated. The Interest for the Norwegian market is still very large, says Arne Sundt-Bjerck, who reports there were many requests from interested participants even after registration closed in mid-October. We could totally have increased the number of participants significantly, but sometimes space is limited, and it is also important for us to find a proper balance, both between buyers and sellers and within the different geographical areas.

Among buyers interest is growing and many representatives of travel agencies, tour operators, event companies and other participants attended this year's workshop, This year's edition of Travel Match had a substantial number of pre-booked meetings and in addition a sequence of free flow ones, where one could connect for a dialogue without having booked a meeting beforehand. Although we do not have an exact figure, more than 1,000 meetings between existing and potential business partners on buyer and seller sides were completed at this years Travelmatch event.

We clearly recognize that Travel Match has now become well-established after it's 6th year taking place,and that it features on the priority list for several large and small travel industry participants. Yet according to Sundt-Bjerck it is stilll a surprise that there are still quite a few Norwegian companies who do not prioritize participation in Travel Match, despite the fact that her they could find a wide range of potential partners under the same roof and in a concentrated and organized form! For many, it is obviously more attractive to spend money on visiting international fairs abroad than to visit Travel Match at Telenor Arena, where the cost for most is just a bus ticket from downtown ....! That one obviously does not excludethe second says Sundt-Bjerck, but we are still a little surprised about priorities, or the lack thereof ...

Information about Travelmatch 2018 will be available shortly.


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