Everyone who registers before Christmas, booking a minimum of 5 meetings, will be part of a lucky draw for 10 tickets for the American Party.

Register before December 10th and take part in a very attractive, lucky draw!
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Our sponsors:

TravelMatch is a professional B2B workshop being organized for the 6th time in 2017, owned jointly by ANTOR, Discover America, PATA and Virke (the travel agents association). Travelmatch is a meeting point for Norwegian and international travel businesses, with opportunities to exchange information and enter into commercial agreements for outbound travel from Norway.

The TravelMatch event is primarily a professional and structured workshop, where appointments can be booked in advance on the internet. In this way, an efficient process is secured, where you can meet interesting companies as potential partners. 15 minutes is set for each meeting. In total the schedule accommodates 11 pre-booked meetings throughout the day, but there will also be a free flow session, where short meetings can be held without being booked in advance, and there are also options for discussions during lunch, coffee breaks and mingling sessions.

Foreign companies interested in offering their services to and through Norwegian distributors and buyers, can enter their profile in the database, allowing the buyers to find out who could be of interest. The sellers will in this case be such as incoming agents, hotel groups, airlines and other passenger carriers, tourist offices etc. from various countries, considering Norway as a potential market, and therefore needing partners in this market. It is also possible for the sellers to approach buyers to initiate a meeting appointment. Based on our experience, we aim at limiting the seller side to approx. 100 companies and organizations from a variety of countries and continents.

Norwegian distributors and buyers can request meeting appointments over the internet, and based on this, a meeting schedule for each buyer will be issued. The buyers shall in this case primarily be such as travel agents, tour operators, conference organizers, event companies, Travel Managers etc., who would like to join an efficient process to gain a network of business partners, as well as gather relevant information. The main aim is to offer a rational solution to hold business meetings with a large number of potential partners on one day only.

Travelmatch 2017 will be held on Friday 13th of January and it shall be part of a compact Travel Trade Day, in the conference center at Telenor Arena, where the consumer fair Reiselivsmessen opens in the main hall on the same day following the TravelMatch event.

TravelMatch 2016 took place in Telenor Arena on January 15th. Please see some photos below.

Click here to view more photos from the 2016, 2015 and 2014 events >>

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